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Research Associate/Senior Research Associate  - Discovery Sciences Team

About the position

We are seeking an exceptional RA/SRA to join our growing team. Your responsibilities will include working closely with our drug development team (Senior Scientist, In vivo scientist, CEO, CSO, Chemists, and Toxicologists) to understand the efficacy of our small molecules discovered through our novel platform.


  • BS/MS with 2-5 years of molecular biology/biochemistry experience preferably in chronic diseases that include muscular dystrophy, inflammatory indications and cancers.

  • Must have experience in general cell based assays that include but not limited to: Primary cell culture, ELISAs, Westerns, qRT-PCR, Reporter Assays, Flow cytometry, transient and stable transfections.

  • Experience with small molecule screening: dose response studies, hit finding and hit validation assays.

  • Fluorescence microscopy experience encouraged but not necessary.have hands on experience working with rodent models.

About you

​Work in a fast start-up environment. We are in the fast growth phase of our company, therefore you must have great oral and written communication skills, be highly motivated and have exceptional organizational skills to keep up with the pace. We expect everyone to work on multiple projects and be prepared to take on new projects when needed.

Team player. We appreciate and expect all employees to have the freedom to work with each other and share their ideas openly in one-on-one meetings as well as weekly lab meetings. So be prepared to collaborate with everyone!

Not be afraid of failing. In order to be at the cutting edge of research, we encourage our scientists to take the next step and go into unexplored areas of disease biology. This comes with its own set of challenges and rewards. We want you to have the enthusiasm and grit to challenge yourself and others on our team, while knowing that we support each other every step of the way. We strongly believe it is this mindset that will ultimately be successful in creating novel therapies that will translate to saving patients lives.

*This position requires you to work in our labs at MBC Biolabs in San Carlos, CA.

Apply for this job by sending your 1-page cover letter and 1-2 page resume to:

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