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Focused Therapies
About us

Altay Therapeutics Inc. discovers novel treatments for chronic inflammatory liver diseases and cancers.

Novel Mechanism:
Our lead small molecule inhibits inflammation by targeting a transcriptional regulator.
Preclinical findings:
Our small molecules have shown exceptional results in animal models for inflammatory diseases such as lung and liver fibrosis as well as several cancers.

The Science

Altay Therapeutics Inc. develops novel small molecule drugs against transcriptional regulators that are validated drivers of disease. Our class of small molecules block the DNA interacting domain of transcriptional regulators thereby turning-off their target genes. This strategy and our platform, enables us to generate novel small molecule drugs for numerous transcriptional regulators across a wide therapeutic area.

Focused Therapies

Altay Therapeutics Inc. focuses on finding safe and potent treatments for chronic indications such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibrotic diseases, ulcerative colitis, and liver cancer. Our cellular target is a key driver of inflammation and pathways that drive cell transformation during disease progression.


3 Pre-clinical programs. We have shown exceptional efficacy of our drugs in several animal models for lung fibrosis (IPF) and liver fibrosis (NASH). We have now expanded our animal studies to liver cancer models.

Clinic by mid 2022. We are focused on finding treatments for chronic inflammatory liver diseases such as NASH and liver cancer. We expect to nominate a lead drug for liver diseases by the end of 2020. 


Ali Rayet Ozes. PhD.

Founder and CEO

  * Lead scientist. Mechanism of small molecules for oncology program - Nalo Therapeutics

  * Post-doctoral Researcher - Janssen Biopharma

  * University of California, Davis (B.S.) - Indiana University (PhD.)

Osman Nidai Ozes. PhD.

Founder and CSO

  * Professor of Genetics. Mechanism of inflammatory response in cancer - Akdeniz University

  * Director of Research. Lead of idiopathic lung fibrosis (IPF) program- Intermune Inc.

  * Haccettepe University (B.S and M.S.) - Indiana University (PhD) - Indiana University (Postdoc)

Lee Latimer. PhD.

Medicinal Chemistry

* Board of Directors, director-at-large - American Chemical Society (2016-2018)

* Senior Director, Process and Analytical Chemistry - Elan Inc. (1995-2011)

* Tulane University (B.S.) - University of Wisconsin (PhD.) - University of California Berkeley (Postdoc)

 Marc Evanchik. PhD.


* Senior Director, DMPK - Assembly Biosciences

* Senior Director, Pharmacology - MyoKardia

* University of California, Santa Cruz (B.S.) - University of California, Davis (M.S.)

Kamran Atabai. MD.

Fibrosis Consultant

* Associate Professor of Medicine - University of California San Francisco

* Fellowship / Pulmonary and Critical care - Harvard

* Residency / School of Medicine - University of California San Francisco

Altay is located at the Bayer Colaborator in San Francisco Mission Bay.

For more information please contact us:


455 Mission Bay

Boulevard South

San Francisco, CA 94158