Who we are

Altay is a team of scientists with expertise in transcription factor biology and clinical drug development. We believe in an integrated approach to drug development that includes biochemical assays, next generation computational biology and chemoproteomics. Our mission is to develop more specific and safer therapies to extend the lives of patients.

Board of Directors

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Ali Ozes. Ph.D.
Founder, CEO & Board Member

Eva Chin. Ph.D.
Board Member

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Eric Bjerkholt. MS. MBA
Chairman of the Board

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Scientific Team

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Osman Ozes. Ph.D.
Founder & CSO

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James Ferguson. Ph.D.
Senior Scientist

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Justin Eng
Research Associate

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Advisors and Collaborators

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Paul Wolters. MD.

Aykut Uren. MD.

Fran Sverdrup Ph.D.

Kamran Atabai. Ph.D.

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Our  location

Altay Therapeutics is located in MBC Biolabs in San Carlos in the heart of the scientific and entrepreneurial hub. We are near world-class research organizations such as the Gladstone Institute, Stanford University, University of California San Francisco and their core facilities.